Creative Upholstery CLASSES

Meet Anna & Cecily



I started being interested in furniture design and particularly traditional upholstery techniques about 20 years ago. My husband is a furniture designer and needed some simple (or what we thought would be simple) upholstery for a couple of bench seats. I quickly realised that I would need some specialist help and so enrolled in a local class.  After a few years I decided I wanted and indeed, needed to learn more, so I attended several full-time City and Guilds courses, gradually working up to diploma level over 4 years. All the while working with upholsterers both affiliated with the college and outside. Eventually, having qualified I started my own business, working with my husband on our own furniture designs and doing bespoke work for clients.


I then realised how much I enjoyed sharing my excitement and enthusiasm with like minded people, and so started teaching small groups of students in my own workshop. I was immediately caught up with the tremendous creative buzz that surrounded the classes – I then went on to do a Certificate of Further Education in order to expand my teaching techniques and so here we are, 20 years down the line and loving every minute!  There is a great feeling of satisfaction that surrounds the classes, whether tackling a Chaise Longue with deep buttoning or a dining chair, there are no end of possibilities with fabrics, colours and designs.


I believe that the best way to teach a practical skill such as upholstery is by example. Explaining and demonstrating the various techniques to each student individually, constantly repeating the various processes until the learner feels confident enough to try it for themselves.

My Daughter Cecily has a BA Hons in Fashion Textiles & business and has taught Design Technology at GCSE & A level for many years. She has been working by my side for 3 years now, learning the ropes by shadowing me in the workshops, working on her own projects and assisting me in the upholstery classes. She has completed the Study Course in  Traditional Upholstery skills, she has upholstery in her blood and is now an absolutely vital part of the team!